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  Corrieri Culinary's mission is to provide creative and functionally dynamic dinner and tableware for all occasions. Founded in 2003 by Daniel Corrieri, President/Creator, and Jimmie Corrieri East Coast Sales Executive, Corrieri Culinary continues the family tradition of wonderful cuisine and successful entrepreneurship. The Corrieri family's history of success within the culinary industries dates back to the turn of the 20th century in the city of Barga in northern Tuscany. To this day there are still several Corrieri family owned restaurants and hotels in Barga. In 1928 the Corrieri family branched to Scotland where they established numerous fish & chips shops and candy stores that are still thriving and cherished by the community today. Whether serving fish suppers in Aberdeen or running the annual Pesce e Patate (Fish & Chips) Festival in Barga, the Corrieris are masters of culinary presentation.

Not only was Daniel trained in the gourmet culinary arts, but he also has a background in Marketing and Advertising sales and is an experienced Entrepreneur. Inspiration struck and Partito Plates™ were born. Jimmie Corrieri has traveled the world working with celebrity chefs and event planners as a Special Event Producer. The Corrieri brothers' combined talent and experience create a truly innovative vision that is also influenced by their family history. Corrieri Culinary fuses a rich tradition of creativity into a line of products that are unmatched in their functionality and instantly compelling in their aesthetic charm.